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Bar extender Kit nur for Standard ALU-Bar

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As we have always been the quickest store to recognize trends and implement them, we want to follow our tradition and provide you with the latest trend in bar widening. Many of you have already tried this with wood, old fork tubes, UAL sleeves, etc., but we have gone around the market and found a lot but nothing really convinced us. Until we found a supplier in England who promises extraordinary quality ("made in UK") and super easy to use.

The bar extension kit comes in two versions, one for standard steel bars and one for ALU bars. Both versions are delivered with two bar extensions, each in the set that includes 3 extensions that you can extend up to 5 cm per side in 3 steps according to your mood. The bar extensions are milled in a high quality ALU CNC and are equipped with a well thought-out fastening system that makes the installation of the extension very easy. The total weight of the bar extensions is only 170 grams, so the weight to be added to the installation is reasonable.

Contents of the bar extension kit :

8 components
The construction of the LAU therefore weighs only 170 grams in total.
2 pressure pieces for the bar with an integrated 1.25 cm extension and M8 internal thread
2 pieces of 1.25 cm extension cable
2 pieces of 2.5 cm extension cable
2 pieces M8 x 60mm Cylindrical head bolts
With these parts, you have the possibility to widen your bars up to 5 cm on each side.
Illustrated installation instructions are enclosed.

Note: Changes to the static and associated stability of a product that may be caused by the attachment of extensions are the responsibility of the user and installer.
The ALU extension kit is intended for these bars ONLY FOR ALUMINIUM BARS, NOT FOR STEEL BARS :

District AL1 V "
District AL2 V3
generally for most ALU bars from known manufacturers (for complete scooters of brands we do not offer, no compatibility can be indicated)