District ALU Peg Yellow Set

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These pegs have been developed during a very long testing process by many professional riders. These pegs are the perfect addition of two different lengths, which are necessary for a good installation of the pegs. The pegs are available in two lengths, in pairs, with extra hard 8.8 grade steel pins. The short peg for the rear and the longer one for the front, which gives a perfect freestyle scooter shape from front to back. These pegs are flipped over to the axle to save material and weight, the new pegs are made of high quality 6061 ALU CNC.


Features : 

2 pieces ( 1 pair )
including extra hard steel axles 8.8
6061 ALU CNC milled
48.5 grams without bolts
Dimensions 57.5 and 34.25 x 25 mm
Pegs are only suitable for DISTRICT (not for full V4s).