Blunt Max Peter V2 ICS Bar

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Bar Blunt Max Peter

Blunt had the good idea to launch the development of a signature bar for the talented Max Peter. This bar was thought by Max Peter himself, a rider handlebars thought by a rider, what better to attack the Skateparks.


The Max Peter Handlebar is made entirely of Chromo 4130 Super Resistant Steel, enough to put all your biggest tricks on the road. The welds on the upper reinforce the handlebars and bring a truly unique style. The return of the handles with a 5 ° angle will allow you a better grip of the scooter and thus deploy more force to send big tricks.

The Blunt Max Peter handlebar is a true pro bar because of its characteristics, it really does find the spirit of the rider but keeps a very affordable price.


Features Blunt Max Peter Barre

  • Handlebar width: 540mm / 580mm
  • Handlebar height: 550mm / 600mm
  • Compression system: IHC / ICS
  • Materials: Chromed steel 4130
  • Weight: 1130g
  • Deck design: One room
  • Handlebar outer diameter: 32mm
  • Internal diameter of handlebar: 28mm
  • Back handles: 5 °