Proto - Baby SCS in purple

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PROTO- Baby SCS in purple

The PROTO SCS is the short version of the Full Size PROTO- SCS, this SCS is only 7.5 cm high and therefore only 3.8 cm space for your fork, this is too short in most cases, you have to shorten the fork by about 1-1.2 cm, so that it closes properly. If you are not yet riding an SCS and want to switch to the SCS version of PROTO, you will have to shorten your handlebars by about 3.5 cm to reach the same handlebar height as before, but remember that if you change the clamp again, you will have a handlebar that is 1 cm shorter.

only suitable for forks without thread
only suitable for standard SCS bars without groove, not for HIC or OS bars
Included in delivery :
SCS clamp, 1 1/8" cam groove, compression cap, 5 bolts (4 clamp bolts and 1 compression bolt)
Length approx. 7.5 cm
Weight approx. 240 grams