District triple light clamp Standard " peak " Green

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District Triple Light Clamp Standard 

The District Triple Light Clamp, is a very stable and durable version of a clamp with extra shot style! Each colour has its own cut-out, which is extremely difficult to achieve. This clamp is available in two sizes "oversized and standard". The standard size is designed to be used with ICS and iHC in conjunction with a standard 31.8 mm diameter bar. The second version is the oversized size which is designed for all 34.9 mm diameter bars, i.e. HIC and ALU bars.

If you are looking for that "something special" for your scooter and want to make it a bit unique, this clamp is the right one.

The first District Triple Light Clamp ever built that has the following specifications.

7 different cuts
For standard 31.8 mm steel bars, for ICS and iHC use only, not suitable for HIC and OS bars
Lighter than any other Triple clamp on the market
Steel inserts as counter-thread, preventing thread fraying 
Weight: about +/- 70 grams (each model has its own weight due to the different cuts)
6061 Aluminum