Paris Truck Rkp V3 180mm 50 Reflector (per piece)

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Paris Truck Rkp V3 180mm 50 Reflector (1x piece) now brand new at your SK Skate Shop on the net. We are Paris Truck brand partner and deliver directly from our own warehouse.

Paris Truck V3 trucks are available in 150mm, 165mm and 180mm in many different styles (per piece) here at the SK Skate Shop. We have all the high quality longboard parts in stock so you can build your own mega thick skateboard setup, just the way you want it. Check out the Paris Trucks specifications here. The great Paris Trucks brand has spared no expense in producing the ultra-hot Paris Truck V3. Inspired by the incredible evolution of longboarding in recent years, they have pushed all boundaries of the manufacturing process to deliver the most advanced shaped longboard truck the world has ever seen. We are very excited to introduce the Paris Truck V3 trucks!

- HIGH QUALITY MANUFACTURING PROCESS - Manufactured using the new patented alloy forming process. The Paris V3 truck uses techniques from casting, forging and extrusion to create a molecular structure that is far stronger than any other cast truck on the market.

- DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - The all-new manufacturing process allows Paris Trucks to use a true T6 heat treatment that provides even more strength and durability, putting the V3 in a class of its own.

- REINFORCED AND STRENGTHENED CONSTRUCTION - Widening the suspension shoulders, increasing the diameter of the suspension drum and reinforcing the base plate carrier further increase overall strength and integrity.

- ULTIMATE RESPONSE - For improved responsiveness and rebound, the Paris V3s feature a redesigned upper taper bushing and hand-cast urethane pivot cups for ultra-smooth cornering and a whole new feel.



Technical data Paris Truck Rkp V3 180mm 50 Reflector

  •     Axle width: 9,6" (245mm)
  •     Weight: 460g
  •     Exclusive alloy forming process
  •     Genuine T6 heat treatment
  •     Stronger and redesigned suspension
  •     Alloy steel SCM440 axles
  •     Improved 90a urethane bushing formulation
  •     Redesigned conical bushing shape
  •     Reinforced and lighter base plate
  •     Redesigned alloy steel pins SCM435
  •     Hand cast 96a urethane swivel cups
  •     Corresponds to the support height of our 43° baseplates
  •     50° baseplate marking symbols
  •     Sold per piece