Paris Truck Skate Tool

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PARIS TRUCK SKATE TOOL - the best skate tool ever made! the Paris Multi Skate Tool is very small and compact, and extremely durable. It has everything you need to completely set up a longboard or skateboard or make necessary adjustments on the go while cruising around town. Smart Skate Tool Design — the extra deep sockets fit over the longest kingpins and mounting hardware out there. the double-sided philips / allen screwdriver clicks into place on the top of the tool so you won't lose grip, and acts also as a stopper when adjusting your axle nuts preventing bearing shields from being crushed when changing wheels. Compact and Portable — the Paris Multi Skate Tool is compact! It can be broken down and easily stashed while skating so you can take it anywhere.   PARIS TRUCK SKATE TOOL Specs 3/8" Hardware Socket 9/16" Kingpin Nut Socket 1/2" Axle Nut Socket 1/8" Allen Wrench #2 Phillips-Head