TSG helmet Evolution-Pro-solid L / XL fire-red

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TSG Helmet Evolution-Pro-solid

Equipped with the Low and Snug Fit, the TSG Evolution Helmet fits perfectly and comfortably on your head. Its anatomical shape has been precisely adapted to the curves of the head and therefore nestles around your skull like a second secure scalp. We took a completely new approach when we developed this helmet. It was not only pressed on the front and back, as is usually the case, but the sides of the helmet shell were also well adapted to the lateral curves of the head. This gives us not only a slimmer profile, but also a helmet with an above-average fit and comfort. Try it, the Evolution fits without slipping or wobbling, giving you increased safety both while riding and in a fall.

ABS shell
EPS damping system
Exchangeable foam pads
The size of the appropriate helmet can be determined as follows: From the back of the head, diagonally across the temples to the forehead, measure the circumference of the head with a flexible tape measure and compare the measurement with the information in the item description. Buy the right helmet and not too big!