Loaded complete Tan Tien Flex 2

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* Y compris TVA En sus Frais de livraison

LOADED COMPLETE TAN TIEN FLEX 2 - an allround cruiser-carver longboard at the SK-Shop of Loaded.

The phatte Loaded Tan Tien Carver Longboard is beside the Dervish probably one of the best all-rounders among the longboards on the market. The average size allows you, depending on the axle setup, to do extremely agile turns in the city. Nevertheless it is still long enough to have enough stability on the mountain road in the evening for a fat freeride with great slides. Other features like the low weight due to the bamboo-fibreglass composite also make the Tan Tien a very good freestyle board. Bamboo also offers the characteristic of maximum flexibility with very high load capacity. All in all this board is the absolute hit under the longboard sky. New this season is the updated grip design and wood veneer, which refer to the history of the Tan Tien and its conceptual foundation.

The symmetrical deck shape with full cutouts makes wheelbiting impossible no matter how deep you go into the turns. The rear wheelbase offers two axle mounting options and the kicktail opens up a whole arsenal of freestyle tricks.

The light camber preload is the heart of Tan Tien. The light concave provides your feet with a secure footing without affecting the characteristics of the camber. Pumping, carving and snowboard-like responsiveness are achieved on a grand scale despite the small size.

Flex Options
The Loaded Longboard comes in 3 different types of flex. The softer flex allows you to make tighter turns, but loses stability at higher speeds. A harder flex means more energy potential, more stability at higher speeds and better durability for tricks and landings, but is not as forgiving and lively when cruising. The Flex 1 is much stiffer, making it equally suitable for bigger riders and hard tricks and turns.

  •     Rider weight: Flex 1: up to 130 kg
  •     Rider weight: Flex 2: 60-100kg
  •     Rider weight: Flex 3: 40-80kg

Epoxy and triax fiberglass are vertically laminated onto a bamboo core and then pressed into a concave, convex camber shape. Nose and tail are additionally reinforced with fiberglass to achieve a higher stiffness without affecting the central camber. The drop-through cutouts for the axle assembly are CNC milled for highest precision.

Set Up
This loaded complete board comes with Paris 180 mm trucks and Orangatang Stimulus Wheels. The Reverse Kingpin axles with a baseplate angle of 50° are especially suitable for carving. The stimulus wheels have a diameter of 70 mm and a hardness of 86A. They handle curbs and bad road surfaces without any problems and provide a great surf feeling on the asphalt. The ball bearings are Powell Mini Logo bearings.