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Root Industries Air 110 mm Wheel Signature Clayton Lindley Paar


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Root Industries Air 110 mm Wheel Signature Clayton Lindley Paar

Root Industries Air 110 mm Wheel Signature Clayton Lindley Paar
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Root Industries AIR 110mm Wheels | Clayton Lindley Signature | Pair

The all new AIR Wheels from Root Industries are one of the lightest wheels on the market!

Clayton Lindley has been apart of the Root Industries team for quite some time now & his long awaited signature wheel is finally here!

Clayton's signature wheel graphic takes 'Paint Splatter' to a whole new level, in the #pursuitofperfection.

Weighing an ultra light 190grams (220grams with bearings) the hollowcore technology means you get the strength of twin plate arches with the lightness of air in the inner chamber.

Matched with the classic high quality Root Industries PU formula that is known for it's speed and strength so you know you are getting a premium wheel!

Professionally pre-fitted with the super fast Root Industries Abec 11 Bearings the new AIR wheels give you high quality and value for money!

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