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APEX SCS Vol. 3 in Purple

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APEX SCS Vol.3 ( Standard Compression System )  is the latest version of SCS APEX which is even lighter and more stable than its predecessor.

SCS Compression Systems are necessary if you use threadless forks and threadless headsets. The APEX SCS has much more clamping power than other systems on the market.



Please note : When installing the APEX SCS, it is necessary to shorten the fork to the length of the APEX shim to ensure that your clamp achieves maximum compression and that you get the best possible grip from your clamp.


the height of APEX Pro is 7.8 cm.
The Apex per SCS weighs only 230 grams, making it one of the lightest SCSs on the market.
Scope of supply: 5 x bolts, 1 x volcano centre, 1 x alloy wedge
The Apex SCS can be used with steel and ALU bars, for OS bars the ALU shim must be removed.


Please note: It depends on the length of the head tube if you have to saw a fork or use spacers. As the fork must be cut exactly to the required length, we cannot give any information in advance here, as manufacturing tolerances of the parts could lead to deviations.