Loaded complete Tesseract Cantellated

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LOADED COMPLETE TESSERACT CANTELLATED - at the SK Shop! the Loaded Tesseract Longboard family has once again been expanded to meet the individuality in search of the ultimate kick on four wheels and one board. the Loaded Cantellated Tesseract integrates Rocker, Wheel Well Flares, W Concave and several wheelbase options in one compact size. the Loaded Cantellated Tesseract easily handles big mountain roads, high speeds, snappy slides and high ollies. the single tail kick meets all your needs for high ollie pop. the tail of the Cantellated Tesseract has a wider shape that invites frequent and emphatic use. Escape the three-dimensional limits of conventional skateboarding and embrace the fourth dimension.   ROCKER the symmetrical rocker along the entire deck completely encloses the outer edges of your feet, creating a fine "locked-in" feeling that helps you stand stable in slides and also makes it easier for you to move around the entire board naturally and confidently. Additionally, the rocker slightly lowers your center of gravity for more stability.WHEEL WELL FLARE Loaded's Tesseract Longboard has flared wheel wells, which allows more room for the rollers and also creates a deck transition that provides lateral and longitudinal support for your feet - both inside the truck and on the kick tails. This also promotes awareness of the board's behaviour and keeps your feet firmly on the board during slides, tuckings or when turning. W-CONCAVE Loaded has developed the new thick Tesseract with an intuitive W Concave to improve the rider's control in all Toeside manoeuvres. the central hump is large but also wide, giving a strong lateral support near the transitions without sacrifiCIng the comfort of the curvature. the W-Concave on the Tesseract follows a gentle elliptical profile and becomes progressively weaker towards the trucks, disappearing completely about 2 cm behind the innermost mounting holes. This design allows the inner edges of the feet to nestle against the W-Concave (for toesideslides), but also allows the outer edges of the feet to be placed in a more radial curvature behind the flared wheel wells (for more comfort in tucking on long downhill runs). Stepless but also gentle concave grooves offer optimal edge control without sacrifiCIng comfort. SYmmETRICAL SHAPE the outline of Loaded's Tesseract is designed for maximum functionality and versatility. A slight taper towards the kick tails makes the deck widest in the middle (allowing rearfoot control during tuckings in short stance), but is gentle enough so that the deck width is wide enough at the neck, above the screws, and at the tail, allowing plenty of control in all possible positions. A fully symmetrical shape and contours guarantee that the Tesseract is suitable for whatever comes - in any position or orientation. KICKTAIL Designed to meet the needs of both a freerider and a freestyler, the Tesseract is equipped with custom kick details. the width has been chosen to provide unique toe and heel edge control, and the length and upward curved tips create powerful pop and accommodate the full width of the foot. the finely curved concave keeps the shoes on the board and helps with tricks like manuals or pivots. the contours of the kick tails protrude over the outer surfaces of the flared wheel wells to provide firm support for your feet both above and outside the fastening screws, which in turn provides more control for manuals and 360 slides. VARIABLE CENTRE DISTANCE (WHEELBASE) the Tesseract offers both a 24.5-inch and a 26-inch wheelbase option, so you can fine-tune your setup based on your driving style and speCIfic truck geometry. You can move the axles inwards for faster pops, increased agility, better traction and lower swing weight - move them outwards for more