Loaded complete Tan Tien Flex 1

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LOADED COMPLETE TAN TIEN FLEX 1 - absolutely progressive and technically high-quality loaded carver longboard. the Loaded Tan Tien Flex 1 complete longboard is a progressive and extremely responsive longboard.   Due to the espeCIally low centre of gravity of the drop-through axle mounting, this freeride board offers a lot of stability and smooth running even at high speeds. Thanks to the symmetrical deck shape with full cutouts, you don't have to expect annoying wheelsbites in tight turns.       Loaded completely longboard     Flex 1: 170-270+ lbs / 75-122+ kg     completely mounted     Bamboo Core     Epoxy and triax fiberglass construction     Symmetrical shape with camber     Orangatang Stimulus Longboard rollers     Paris 50° Longboard Axles