Zycom Scooter

Zycom Scooter Zinger Kids Blue / Black

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Kids Scooter Zycom Zinger Blue / Black

The Zycom Zinger Scooter is specially designed for children ages 5 and up. With its unique self-adjusting steering mechanism, large footrest, low center of gravity and height-adjustable bar, the Zinger is easy to handle! It has a stable platform with 3 wheels to facilitate driving.

Its swiveling steering mechanism with auto-rectifying technology makes this scooter easy to ride and fun to bend and negotiate turns. Your kids will love it!


Characteristics Zycom Scooter Zinger Kids

  • - Unique pivoting steering mechanism
  • - 3-level bar adjustable in height
  • - Folding handlebar for storage
  • - Large low profile cutting deck
  • - Wide polyurethane wheels
  • - Smooth nylon bearing
  • - Maximum user weight: 80kg
  • - color: Blue/Black

- Length: 61.5 cm
- Height: 87 cm
- Width: 28.5 cm