OATH Wheels Bermuda 120mm

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OATH Bermuda Wheels - OATH's Bermuda Stunt Scooter Wheel has an elaborate design based on geometric shapes with a breathtaking look. And what's more, does it ride well? As you can't imagine!!!!

Equipped with high-quality bearings, as we are used to from OATH, and a more compact 26 mm wide tyre, we can now be 100% satisfied.

You expected it, OATH created it for you, the perfect blend of speed and durability with a great design. Check out the new Oath Stuntscooter wheels here at UK's number 1 freestyle online shop.

OATH Bermuda wheels are also available in 7 different designs in our SK Shop. Sold as PAAR [2x piece].


OATH Wheels Bermuda Features

  •     height: 120mm
  •     width: 26mm
  •     Roll core: 24mm
  •     Compatibility: With most standard forks
  •     Weight: 250g