OATH Hand Grip Bermuda

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Freestyle scooter handgrips OATH Bermuda shorts - the Bermuda scooter handles from OATH will soon convince you, there is absolutley no doubt! They will keep your hands 100% in position, so you can be ready to do tricks at any time. These freestyle handles have deep grooves for a better grip on even wet hands.

On the end you will find triangles, geometric models specific to the brand as well as the OATH logo. This transition of patterns facilitates movements such as bar-spin for riders wishing to perform this type of tricks. Their slightly oversized outer diameter provides additional cushioning for large landings. The length of the handles is 165mm, and they are delivered with 2 sets of handlebar ends (1 for steel handles and 1 for aluminium handles)

A wide range of colours from black to pastel is available on us - the SK Shop.

OATH Hand Grip Bermuda Characteristics

  • Material: Super soft and durable TPE
  • 2 sets of handlebar ends compatible with steel and aluminium
  • Length: 165mm
  • Weight: 180g