Triad Diablo Deck

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We present the new: Triad Diablo Deck! SK Shop is a proud Brand ambassador and disturbs you another next-level Stunt Scooter Part.

The Diablo is 100% tested and rider approved. Made from 7 series T5 Aluminum and a high quality forged fully integrated neck tube this deck is more than just strong - you could call it Uber-Strong! The modern but classic shape of the deck is boxed to broaden the trick list and the alloy rear deck inserts not only protect the deck profile but also act as an all in one spacer and axle nut configuration. You will see imediatly how many hours is development went into this top Stunt Scooter Deck made by Triad.

An Amazing deck needs and even more amazing finish, right? The dual masked paint finish is a piece of art of itself. The hot contrast between the matte paint and the gleam and durability of the PVD coating will let you shine at all Skateparks and Street Spots you are riding.


Specs Triad Diablo Deck

  • 7 Series Aluminium give a higher resistance to dings and bending
  • Unique forged neck tube designed for maximum foot room
  • Exclusive 2 in 1 Fend Off fender brake
  • Gridlock Axles system enables simple access for maintenance and wheel change outs
  • Includes two sets of rear drop outs to fit standard 24mm and 28mm oversize wheels
  • 83 Degree head tube angle
  • Clear cast grip tape lets the deck shine in all it’s glory
  • DECK LENGTH: 560mm /22”
  • DECK WIDTH: 130mm /5.1”
  • WEIGHT: 1.75kg /61.72oz
  • COMPATIBILITY: Wheel size to 120mm and 28mm wide


Product Video Diablo Deck by Triad