Ethic DTC.

Ethic DTC Deck Lindworm V3 Boxed

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Ethic DTC Deck Lindworm V3 Boxed - the new V3 Lindworm Deck from Ethic DTC is another high performance deck in the range. Stronger, wider and longer, these were the basic requirements for the development of the third version of the Lindworms deck. Although the new version offers more space, it is lighter than its predecessors as it weighs only 1.66kg. The Lindworm V3 deck is constructed entirely from 6061-T6 aluminium with an integral headset.

The Lindworm V3 deck is available in 2 different sizes: 560mm and 590mm to better suit your style and expectations. The Ethic DTC Lindworm V3 deck is a real top of the range deck that can be used in both street and skate parks.

Lindworm V3 Boxed Specifications

  •         Deck width: 140 mm
  •         cover length: 560 mm or 590 mm
  •         Head tube angle: 83.5°.
  •         Materials: Aluminium 6061-T6
  •         weight: 1650g
  •         Deck design: One piece
  •         Headset: Built-in 1 1/8
  •         wheel diameter: 100 mm, 110 mm
  •         Deck spacers: Included
  •         Brake type: Flex Nylon (included)
  •         Axles: included