TILT scooter

TILT Scooter classic SCS LT in gungrey

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TILT Scooter classic SCS LT

What a beautiful SCS, light and thin, unrivalled in terms of material and design, we are proud to be an official distributor of TILT in Europe.

Tilt SCS LT: the facts

Colour: dark grey
height: 7.6 cm 
only suitable for standard bars
Material: Aluminium 6061-T6
Special: Hollow bolts (to save weight, the bolts are milled to fit into the hole)
Scope of application: SCS, bolts and shims
Weight: 173 grams (including shims and bolts)
as the system is from TILT and the fork inherited from TILT has an extra bolt and an integrated thread, there is no star groove included in the delivery, if you need an extra star groove, you have to order it from us!

Please note: If you need to saw a fork or use a spacer, as the fork must be cut exactly to length, we cannot give any information in advance, as the manufacturing tolerances of the parts may be different.