TILT scooter


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The new ARC LT SCS from TILT, pure style. An extremely classic design paired with the latest findings in construction. M6 Bolts offer high clamping force and maximum strength as in the Classic SCS from TILT, the Bolts are already equipped with an anti-seize (lubrication), the steel bolts and the ALU of the clamp to prevent corrosion of both materials. The clamp has been freed from material where it does not require increased strength and therefore the SCS clamp has been trimmed for lightness. The result is a very reduced and at the same time new design. The LT SCS has no shim and is only suitable for standard bars without a clamping slot, so the LT Clamp is lighter and thinner than the standard.

spec's to the LT SCS ARC Standard:

Material 6061 T-6 ALU
height 7.6 cm
Weight 187 grams
only usable for standard 31.8 mm ( only suitable for standard bars without clamping slot )
Delivery includes: Shim, SCS, Bolts, SCS compression screw with cap