Triad Smuggler Bar

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Triad Smuggler Bar at the famous SK Shop!

Now we can offer you a good and reliable but affordable aluminium bar. In first instance it is designed to fit to young riders out there who don’t particularly want to spend a lot of their pocket money but still want a high quality product. The Triad Smuggler Bar is manufactured with 7 series hq aluminium and sleek geometric gussets to provide additional strength, you will feel confident with the Smuggler bar for sure.

Triad Smuggler Bar Specs

  • 7 Series aluminium for superior strength
  • Forged aluminium gussets with chamfered egdes
  • BAR HEIGHT: 610mm /24”
  • BAR WIDTH: 560mm /22”
  • WEIGHT: 840g /29.63oz



Lining up a scooter wheel to your bar is a tedious task, one that has dawned on the scooter community since the beginning. By adding a laser etch mark, the problem is solved. All Triad & Oath products have this time saver bar alignment system.


The Triad Smuggler bars are compatible with IHC, ICS & SCS and you’ll need an oversized clamp to run this bar with any compression system. They are 34.9mm in external diameter, which means if you’re running HIC or ICS you will need an oversized clamp and if you are running SCS you will need the slit removed and/or an “SCS bar adapter” installed.

Note: ICS star nut not included but available on request