Triad Launder Bar

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Triad Launder Bar your first choice of this season. Check the new top Bar!

The Launder Bar's unique design and manufacturing process has made this bar by Triad an eye brow raiser. Aspiring to be the strongest bar on the market, the Launder bar is made from the highest grade heat treated Chromoly and is supported by mechanically designed gussets with no sharp edges. It’s distinctive design permits less welding for a clean look whilst maintaining strength and integrity.


Triad Launder Bar Specs

  • Heat treated 4130 high grade Chromoly
  • Forged gussets
  • BAR HEIGHT: 700mm /27.5”
  • BAR WIDTH: 610mm /24”
  • WEIGHT: 1.34kg /47.27oz



Lining up a scooter wheel to your bar is a tedious task, one that has dawned on the scooter community since the beginning. By adding a laser etch mark, the problem is solved. All Triad & Oath products have this time saver bar alignment system.


The Triad Launder bars are compatible with IHC, ICS & SCS compression. They are 31.8mm in external diameter, which means if you’re running IHC or ICS you will need a slit cut into your bars and a standard sized clamp. If you are running SCS you can slot your bars straight in.

Note: ICS star nut not included