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Longway Scooter Titanium Bar HIC/SCS Kronos 65 cm

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The new Longway Titanium Bar 'Kronos' has arrived! A 65cm scooter freestyle scooter built to withstand the test of time and with a name honoring the Greek god of time, the guys at Longway have set the bar very high. One of the main reasons for this level of confidence is the fact that the scooter bar is made of titanium.
This provides the Kronos with a unique range of features. First the scooter bar is as light as an aluminum bar and secondly it is as solid as a bar made of steel.

The Kronos is built for use with the HIC compression system and features laser engraved graphics.

Longway Titanium Bar Kronos 65 cm

     Style: T - Bar
     H 650mm
     W: 610mm
     Weight 595 Gramm
     with Klemmschlitz
     Oversized Titanium Bar / 34.9mm
     HIC ready is SCS