Invert TS 1.5 Mini Complete

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Invert TS 1.5 Mini Complete - the perfect first scooter for all young riders! The Invert TS 1.5 Mini consists of very high quality parts, which can be found on many professional scooters. The Invert TS-1.5 MINI Complete Freestyle Scooter is the scooter your child should start with. The ideal compromise for high safety and low prices. We at SK Shop recommend the Invert TS 1.5 Mini to all beginners from the bottom of our hearts.

The TS-1.5 Invert scooter is also available in a standard size with a longer deck (495cm x 110cm) and a larger handlebar (580cm x 520cm). So even older stunt scooters beginners can try their first tricks with the TS and approach the (action) sport.



TS 1.5 Mini Invert Features

  •     Total height: 74,5cm
  •     Deck: Packed 110mm x 445mm in box
  •     Handlebar: Hi-Ten steel "Y" Handlebar 490mm x480mm
  •     Fork: Reinforced steel
  •     Handles: 165mm TPR
  •     Wheels: 110mm 86A PU 86A
  •     Clamp: Double aluminium clamp