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Original Kendama Pro K natur

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The PLAY Kendama Pro K series :

The Kendama certified competition of "Kendama Europe", is the first choice for any ambitious Kendama player who wants to go high.

It has been tested and developed in cooperation with the best players in Europe over the years as a competition model, and is now finally available in stores.

The optimal dimensions, weight distribution, lacquer characteristics in combination with the high-quality wood used in Austria give the PLAY Kendama its unique perfection.

Whether for beginners or for international competition, the PLAY Kendama is the right choice!

The facts:

- Identical to the specifications in Japan. Kendama Assoc.

- Tested by the BKA/EKA (European Kendama Association) and officially approved for all official European competitions.

- The PLAY Kendama is made of European beech wood. Only sustainable raw materials are used.

- Premium brand of the company Kendama Europe.

Technical data :

- Dimensions: height: 185 mm, width: 70 mm, log diameter: 60 mm, rope length: 400 mm

- weight: ball: 75g, handpiece: 75g, total (incl. packaging): 160g

  This is not a toy