Ethic DTC.

Ethic DTC Mogway 12STD 125mm Wheel

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Attention, attention here comes a real novelty! Due to the enormous size and strength of Ethic's brand new Mogway Scooter reel, you can face your favorite shredder spot with new power. The Mogway Wheels extend the range of Ethic's massive 12STD wheels! Despite its massive size, this scooter reel is super light in appearance and weight. A strong, heat-treated aluminum alloy has been processed for optimal durability. The width of the roller as well as the high quality PU-formula guarantees you a lot of grip for all scooter tricks.

Note: This 12STD reel will not fit on regular 8mm axles!

Ethic DTC Mogway 12STD Wheel Details

  •     Ball bearings and spacers: Included
  •     Roll hardness: 88A
  •     Core design: spoke core
  •     Roll diameter: 125mm
  •     Weight: 360g
  •     rolls per package: 1x
  •     Core material: Aluminium 6061
  •     Roller profile: Flat
  •     Ball bearing precision: Not specified
  •     Ball bearing size: 6001
  •     Roller stroke width: 30mm
  •     Axle diameter: 12mm