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Root Industries Lithium Alu Bar

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Root Industries Lithium Freestyle Scooter Handlebar

The brand new Root Industries Lithium Handlebar is a condensed technology, made of High Density Aluminum "HMA" is 40% stronger than other aluminum bars, it combines lightness and balance to ensure the rider optimal use.

Tested over a 12 month period by some of the best riders, this handlebar is virtually indestructible for everyday use.

Combining strength and lightness, the design of this handlebar is designed for all levels of riders.

Features of the Root Industries Lithium Handlebar:

  •      Handlebar width: 580mm
  •      Handlebar height: 610mm
  •      Compatible compression: IHC
  •      Materials: Aluminum High Modulus Alloy
  •      Weight: 934g
  •      Deck design: One room
  •      Handlebar outer diameter: 35mm (Oversized)
  •      Internal diameter of handlebar: 28mm