Kayne scooters

Kayne JS-B1 fork

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The new brand" Kayne scooters " stands for engineering art at the highest level. Designed and manufactured in the UK, by a team that normally supplies the Formula 1 circus with technical parts. This is to be equated with the highest technical know-how and manufacturing standards. This is reflected, for example, in the sophisticated axle technology, the so-called "Anti Rotation Axle", as well as in the filigree optics and extremely stable processing. The Kayne fork is a high-end product for lovers of the very special.


spec's on the Kayne JS-B1 fork:

Material: 6082-T6511 aluminium
Manufacturing process:CNC Multi Axis Machined from one piece
integrated headset seat on the fork
incl. anti rotation axis
incl. insert for SCS and HIC use (no ICS use possible)
Total weight: 247.4 grams