North Hatchet 2021 Stunt Scooter

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North Hatchet 2021 Stunt Scooter


North Hatchet 2021 Freestyle Scooter! Rise from beginner level now and find your personal riding style with the help of the Hatchet acrobatics scooter. The Hatchet is a perfectly balanced package in terms of looks and quality features at an affordable price. Choose your preferred colour combination now and perfect your skills on the scooter.

Feel for yourself now what is possible with the right scooter. We at SK-Shop will supply you with the perfect stunt scooter.

  •         Thanks to the threadless compression you can make the most of the easy shredding.
  •         The height of the handlebars and the size of the scooter platform are perfect for young teenagers.
  •         Do you like unobtrusive acrobatic scooters with clean lines? Then you will feel comfortable on the North Hatchet from the first moment.

Product specifications:


  •     total height: 80,5 cm
  •     Compression type: HIC
  •     diameter of the roller: 110 mm
  •     weight: 3950 g
  •     width of the handlebars: 508 mm
  •     Helmet type: Built in 1 1/8".
  •     Fork type: Wireless
  •     Material: chromolybdenum steel 4130, aluminium 6061
  •     Design of the bridge:    One piece
  •     Cover length: 49.5 cm (19.5 inches)
  •     Cover width: 11.9 cm (4.7 inch)
  •     Shape of the bridge:    Ankle cut
  •     Fork design: One piece
  •     Handlebar construction: T
  •     Handlebar material: Chromolybdenum steel 4130
  •     height of the handlebars: 546 mm
  •     Handlebar outer diameter: 35 mm (oversized)
  •     Inner diameter of the handlebars: 32 mm
  •     Staple size: Double
  •     Roller profile: Rounded
  •     roller hardness: 88A
  •     Roll width (hub): 24 mm
  •     Roll core material: aluminium 6061
  •     Roller core design: Shelves
  •     diameter of the shaft: 8 mm
  •     Ball bearing accuracy: ABEC-9
  •     Brake type: Flex mudguard
  •     Assembly: Partially assembled