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Nitro Circus Junior Replica RW complete Satin Black / Gloss Black

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Nitro Circus RW Junior Replica Satin Black / Gloss Black Stunt Scooter for a special offer price! This brand new model is based on the Ryan Williams Signature Pro Scooter and is the smallest and lightest in the range, making it ideal for young and new riders. The bright colours that the Signature model brings with its slim design and even smaller bars and deck make it the ideal first freestyle scooter for young aspiring riders. The tip from the SK shop to all stunt scooter beginners and fans of Ryan Williams.

Nitro Circus Junior Replica RW Complete Satin Black / Gloss Black Technical specifications

  •     Colour: Satin Black / Gloss Black
  •     Weight: 3,1 kg
  •     height: 75cm
  •     Deck: 431.8 mm (L) x 101.6 mm (W)
  •     Fork: threadless steel fork
  •     Handlebars: Steel rod, 493.7 mm (H) x 444.5 mm (W) Y-rod
  •     Handles: Soft handle
  •     Wheels: 100 mm alloy core
  •     Headboards HIC: Cartridge headset with thread
  •     Brake: 3-bolt brake
  •     Clamp: Double clamp