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Lucky Prospect 2021 freestyle scooter

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Lucky Prospect 2021 freestyle scooter - the new Lucky Prospect 2021 is a high quality scooter. The Lucky brand, which enjoys one of the highest levels of popularity in the scooter world, shows that it can easily compete in the world of high-end scooters. The Prospect uses a new IHC compression system that is easy to use, maintain and offers super smooth spin turns.

The wheels have a lightweight, hollow aluminium core that offers style and durability.

This park-oriented scooter has a narrow, lightweight deck, so it takes off effortlessly and is very dynamic in flight.


Features Lucky Prospect 2021

  • Total height: 86,5cm
  • Type of helmet: Integrated
  • Weight : 3200
  • Material: Aluminium 6061
  • Bridge length: 49.5cm (19.5'')