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Fuzion Pro Scooter Z300 Complete Stunt Scooter Black / Gold

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Fuzion Pro Scooter Z300 Complete Scooter Black / Gold from your number 1 trick scooter shop the SK Shop. The Z300 Complete Freestyle Scooter returns as the most affordable freestyle scooter for advanced riders. Equipped with the highest quality performance components found in high-end scooters, the Z300 is the perfect blend of top performance and affordability.


Fuzion Pro Scooter Z300 Features

  •     Deck Size: 4.75″ x 19.5″
  •     Bar Size: 24" x 22″
  •     Bar: Steel
  •     Wheel size: Flight Wheels 110mm
  •     Weight: 3.9 KG
  •     Deck Weight: 3.15lbs
  •     Compression: IHC
  •     Clamp : SPLIT 2 BOLT Aluminium
  •     Bearings : ABEC 9