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Crisp SWITCH 2020 freestyle Scooter complete

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SWITCH 2020, a 100% complete freestyle scooter at a low internet price at the SK-Shop from our top brand Crisp. The Switch 2020 Freestyle Scooter is a stunt scooter that stands out especially in the skate park and outdoor rides. With a sturdy and durable chromoly steel bar, you have every chance to expand your trick palette.

Thanks to the IHC compression, the rotation is very easy and maintenance is also very simple. Its aluminum spoked wheels offer style and durability. Crisp, park-oriented stunt scooter with a narrow deck and light weight that takes off effortlessly and is very dynamic in flight. The trunnion design saves weight and gives you the option to mount a variety of trunnions to increase the riding area.


Crisp SWITCH 2020 freestyle Scooter Specs

  •     - Total height: 80.5 cm
        - Compression type: IHC
        - Wheel diameter: 100 mm
        - Weight: 3700g
        - Handlebar width: 510mm
        - Headset type: Semi-Integrated
        - Fork type: threadless
        - Material: Aluminum
        - Bridge Construction: One-piece
        - Deck length: 19" (48 cm)
        - Deck width : 4.5" (11.4 cm)
        - Deck shape : Tenon cut
        - Concave : Yes
        - Handlebar Material: Chromoly Steel
        - Handlebar height: 560mm
        - Handlebar outer diameter: 32mm (Regular)
        - Handlebar inner diameter: 28mm
        - Backsweep: None
        - Clamp size: Double
        - Wheel profile: Rounded
        - Wheel hardness: Not specified
        - Wheel width (hub): 24mm
        - Wheel core material: Aluminum
        - wheel core design: spokes
        - Axle diameter: 8mm
        - Ball bearing accuracy: Not specified
        - Brake type: Flex Fender
        - Mounting: Partially mounted