Panda Scooter

Panda Initio complete freestyle Scooter

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The Panda Initio complete freestyle scooter, for all stunt scooter enthusiasts! The Panda Initio is a freestyle scooter that shines especially in the skatepark and on outdoor rides. With a sturdy and durable chromoly steel shaft, you have every chance to expand your range of tricks.

The scooter comes with an easy-to-maintain threaded compression, which is suitable for the first steps into the world of freestyle scooters. The nylon spoked wheels are particularly suitable for beginner riders as they are lightweight and easy to replace.

Park-oriented Panda stunt scooter with a narrow deck and low weight, which takes off effortlessly and is very dynamic in flight. The trunnion design saves weight and gives you the ability to mount different bars. At only 3300g, this scooter is a true featherweight that you will feel with every climb and descent.


Panda Initio Stunt Scooter specifications

  •     Total height: 83.5cm
        Type of compression: thread
        Wheel diameter: 110mm
        Weight: 3300g
        Width of handlebar: 470mm
        Headset: No integrated
        Fork type: Thread
        Maximum user weight: 100kg
        Material: Aluminum
        Deck design: One piece
        Deck length: 48cm (19")
        Deck width: 4" (10.1cm)
        Shape drop: Trunnion cutout
        Head tube angle: 82
        Concave: Yes
        Fork design: Two pieces
        Shape of handlebar: T-handlebar
        Material of handlebar: Chromoly steel
        Height of the handlebar: 560mm
        Outer diameter of the bar: 32mm (Regular)
        Internal diameter of bar: 28mm
        Clamp size: Triple
        Wheel profile: Round
        Wheel hardness: 86A
        Width of wheel core: 24mm
        Core material: Nylon
        Core design: Spokes
        Axle diameter: 8mm
        bearing accuracy: ABEC-7
        Brake type: Flex fender
        Mounting: Partially mounted