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Longway Adam freestyle Scooter

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Stunt & Freestyle Scooter Longway Adam - The new Adam is an excellent scooter for beginners and was developed especially for small riders. It offers a stable deck to learn first jumps and acrobatic scooter tricks without straining your wallet. The construction of the scooter easily adapts to the riding style of passionate beginners, but can keep up even with experienced riders.

Easy to ride and a good option for school! #Conclusion SK-Shop Team.

        The carefully combined material facilitates acceleration and maintains speed effortlessly.

        The smooth-running rollers and ball bearings guarantee a lot of riding fun on the way to school and protect the leg muscles.


Product details Longway Adam freestyle Scooter

  •     total height: 81 cm
  •     Type of compression: Threading
  •     diameter of the roller: 110 mm
  •     Weight: 3750 g
  •     Width of the handlebars: 490 mm
  •     Helmet type: Non-integrated
  •     Fork type: With wire
  •     Max. load . 75 kg
  •     Material: aluminium
  •     Design of the bridge:    One piece
  •     Deck length: 50 cm (19.7 inch)
  •     Cover width: 11 cm (4,3 ")
  •     Shape of the bridge:    Ankle cut
  •     Steering head angle: 82.5°.
  •     Concave: Yes
  •     fork construction: 2 parts
  •     Handlebar construction: Yes
  •     Handlebar material: Chromolybdenum steel
  •     height of the handlebars: 450 mm
  •     Handlebar outer diameter: 32 mm (normal)
  •     Inner diameter of the handlebars: 28 mm
  •     Backsweep: No
  •     Clamp size: Double
  •     Roller profile: Rounded
  •     Roll hardness: 88A
  •     Roll width (hub): 24 mm
  •     Roll core material: Nylon
  •     Roller core design: Shelves
  •     diameter of the shaft: 8 mm
  •     Ball bearing accuracy: ABEC-9
  •     Brake type: Flex fender
  •     Assembly: Partially assembled