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Fasen freestyle scooter Deck Jara Mini Soukup

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Deck Fasen Jara Soukup

The Deck Fasen Signature of the talented Jara Soukup makes its entrance. Ultra light, ultra solid with superb style and lines, the design of the deck is really worked and neat for a stunning rendering. The deck is entirely made of Aluminium. This alloy is known to offer maximum impact resistance without affecting the weight. The headtube is forged in 3D with an angle of 82.5° which makes it extremely solid. Parallel rails are underneath the deck to facilitate slides and gain stability.

The Fasen signature deck comes in 3 versions depending on the rider (Jara Soukup / Edy Flückiger / Vincent Kudrna) with their own riding style. Jara Soukup's deck is a real top-of-the-range deck, specialized for Skatepark, Ramp and Halfpipes tricks.

Jara Mini Soukup is a very committed rider doing multiple combos combining tailwhips, barspins or backflips.


Features Deck Fasen Jara Soukup :
Deck width : 121mm
Deck length: 510mm 
Headtube angle: 82.5°.
Materials: Aluminium
Weight: 1488g
Deck design: One piece
Headset: Built-in 1 1/8
Wheel diameter: 100mm, 110mm, 120mm
Deck Spacers: Included
Brake type: Flex Nylon (included)
Axis: Included