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What is the best brand of urban scooters for adults? A question we asked ourselves long and hard before we consciously decided on some very good brands of urban scooters in our SK-Shop. There are many suppliers of adult city scooters on the market. Only the smallest number could convince us 100%.

If you order your new scooter or city scooter from us, you can be sure that you are buying a very high quality model. At SK Shop, we stand for quality and fair prices. Our brand partners JD Bug and Xootr have been in business for a long time and have a very good reputation worldwide. Below we present our urban scooters with large wheels and brakes for teenagers and adults. It is mainly commuters, students and pupils who use these models on a daily basis.

Xootr CityScooter

Xootr is a brand of urban scooters with which we have been collaborating for many years. Here you will find not only a wide range of models, but also the appropriate accessories and spare parts for all Xootr models. Very practical are the large rucksacks. Wearing parts such as wheels last longer with Xootr than with other brands. A good hint is that you will need to replace the tyres on your bike and car about twice as fast as those on your Xootr scooter.

There are seven different models of Xootr scooters to choose from. All Xootr city scooters come standard with a Flex Fender brake and mudguard at no extra charge! Delivery is free of charge and the delivery time is about 48 hours.

If you already own a Xootr and only need one spare part. So we can help you at any time. The parts of the Xootr will be replaced quickly and free of charge, with no big questions or delays. No matter how old your scooter is.

If you ask us, a Xootr is always the first choice for a modern, high-quality adult scooter. The models all have a load limit of well over 100 kg, so even that should not be a reason not to drive these scooters ...

Xootr Tretroller adult cityscooter

JD Bug adult CityScooter

The JD Bug brand has also been available for years. Scooters for adults and teenagers are very attractive. Older models are still very popular and are often ordered.

The new generation JD Bug is a masterpiece of design. The JD Bug Smart 185 line in red or green is a real marvel. If you read the technical details, you will be convinced that a very good design team with a lot of experience has been involved.

In addition to adult city scooters, JD Bug also manufactures electric scooters. These are also highly recommended. All JD Bug's are delivered to your home free of charge!

A JD Bug Smart 185 is suitable for adults, but also for teenagers and children from 8 years old. The handlebar is adjustable in height and fits all sizes. See the detailed pages of the JD Bug products. For special questions we are always happy to advise you.

JD Bug Cityscooter

If you order now and we really keep our promises and deliver the scooter of your dreams quickly and at a fair price. Or if you can really believe our recommendations, then we always refer you to our page with all the comments from SK Shop customers on the net. What better feedback than from the happy buyers of our adult scooters, freestyle scooters, electric scooters and parts to assemble your scooter yourself. In addition, you are welcome 12 hours a day (8.00 am - 8.00 pm) to personally discuss the purchase of your scooter with our European customer service and to clarify any questions directly on the phone.


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A street scooter usually has larger wheels than a 3-wheel or freestyle scooter. The brand's city scooters are equipped with a handbrake and a foot brake on the rear wheel. JD Bug's have only a foot brake on the rear wheel and are therefore a little lighter. Our city scooter and our freestyle scooter here have been featured in many magazines and recommendations as test winners. For example in the Cityrollerforum and the Stiftung Warentest. The load capacity of all our city scooters is over 100 kg, which means that they are suitable for everyone. A city scooter with large wheels considerably increases riding comfort. You ride more quietly and faster than with scooters with small wheels. But don't forget that we're not talking about so-called adult scooters with small 20-inch wheels either. These are completely different models and cannot be compared to our urban adult scooters.