Blunt Scooter Hand Grips V2 Phosphorescent

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Blunt Hand Grips V2 in GLOW

The handles of your freestyle scooter are one of the most important elements. With the new Blunt V2 grips you have a perfect riding feeling and you are very comfortable. Blunt has taken it upon themselves to improve the riding feeling and with the new V2 GLOW IN THE DARK Blunt handles they have succeeded in doing just that.

The new redesigned grips have some very well thought-out features. The new length of the grips, which at 16 cm, is now particularly suitable for wider handlebars. The Grips' rubber is particularly comfortable. Thanks to the structure of the grips, perspiration is reduced to a minimum, but still gives you a good grip. The grips also have good absorption properties, allowing you to jump higher on your hands. New are the bar ends in two different sizes. The bar tips protect you from serious injury and are part of every beautiful scooter. The blunt ends of the bars fit perfectly on aluminum and steel bars.

The world novelty from Blunt this year is the GLOW IN DARK handles that glow in the dark! Grips automatically recharge in the sun or in bright environments, lamps, etc...

We all agree: the V2 Blunt handles are among the best on the market.

The features

The latest technology.
GLOW in the dark!
Pleasant rubber coating
Good absorption properties
Almost no perspiration
16 cm long
Steel and aluminium handlebar tips
Suitable for all bars
delivery: 2 Handles and 2 Bars for aluminium and steel