TSG Kneepad Tahoe A Size S Black

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TSG is one of the most important brands for protection and safety. With the Tahoe A Knee Protector knee pads, you are equipped with the best and you will certainly not go home with bloody knees again.

TSG designs its pads as "full coverage" protection. Thanks to an anti-slip layer, the knee pad is always where it should be. The removable and washable Arti-Lage impact foam adapts to your knee and thus offers powerful shock absorption. Ideal for the street and park with a featherweight of 194 grams per pad for maximum protection.

If your health and safety is important to you, the TSG Tahoe knee pad is the right choice.


TSG Tahoe Knee Pad A Size S Black
Ergonomic and sleek design,
shock absorbing padding,
washable anti-diaper impact foam
stretch neoprene
Amortization D30
good fit for knee and leg
Anti-slip layer
360° Velcro straps at the top
adapted knee pads, so the pads apply exactly
Well suited for beginners to advanced age
sweater design
Scope of delivery 2 pieces / 1 pair
Weight 388 grams
Thigh circumference 34 - 38 cm 
Leg circumference 32 - 44 cm  

Material: Polyethylene shell, NBR, nylon laminated neoprene, PE foam, velour laminated with foam, 3D mesh, NL-9751 Kevlar, velour, elastic straps