KROM Kendama

KROM Kendama 10Y BDAY

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KROM Kendama 10Y BDAY - the SK store is pleased to offer the special model for the 10th anniversary of the KROM Kendama brand!

The Lunar Balance is outstanding in this Kendama. The added Spectraply lamination is not only beautiful, but adds extra weight especially in the large cup so your Lunars hit extra hard. With our WEIGHT MATCH GUARANTEE, new 2GOOD shape and a design optimized to follow the hole from any angle, playability is through the roof.


KROM Kendama 10Y BDAY Data

  • KROM 2GOOD Form
    Super Sticky LOL clear
    Maple and Spectra wood blend
    warp hole in the bottom shell
    Ball bearing
    Custom stickers and extra string
    Box made of recycled paper