Gibbon Slackline Surfer Line Treewear

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Gibbon Slackline Surfer Line Treewear - with a length of 25m and dynamic loops, the SURFERLINE TREEWEAR is THE perfect slackline for all slackliners or waterliners and is also popular for competitions and performances. The SURFERLINE TREEWEAR is equipped with a robust long lever ratchet and with the free SLACK APP it has never been easier to take your slackline to the next level!

Treewear Included - tree protection for environmental sustainability.


Gibbon Slackline Surfer Line Treewear Key Features

  • Gibbon Slacklines Surfer Line with tree protection, purple, 30m, 27,5m line + 2,5m ratchet strap, Jumpline, Trickline, Advanced, incl. ratchet protection and ratchet with safety lock, 50mm/2″ wide, tree and line protection (black felt with velcro), perfect leisure activity.
    27.5m slackline with reinforced loop, ratchet with safety lock and 2.5m ratchet strap with reinforced loop, installation instructions, 30m complete set (27.5m line + 2.5m ratchet strap), 50mm/2″ wide, 2x tree protectors (black felt with velcro).
    Quick and easy installation between trees or similar fixed anchorage points.
    All live parts of the ratchet are metallic coloured and must not be touched for safety reasons. The "black coating" marks the parts of the ratchet that can be touched without danger. This increases safety when using the ratchet.
    Flat strap, specially developed for slacklining (trampoline effect). Continuous pressure for better grip and orientation on the line. The ratchet's ergonomic plastic handle allows comfortable and efficient tensioning.
    Ratchet: metal, strap: polyester
    Two-colour screen printing
    Breaking load: 30 kN



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