VEX Shoes

VEX VT1 Sneaker Scooter Shoes blue size 45

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The latest novelty in the scooter landscape, the Australian brand VEX has arrived in France: the best that has ever been seen before and ultra stylish.

The VEX VT1 is a high quality shoe at a very affordable price. The VEX VT1 is specially designed by scooter riders and adapted to their needs, but the most remarkable thing about this shoe is that it is really cool and stylish, and it is also suitable as an after-race shoe.

The material of the shoe cover is made of suede fabric and extra strong canvas, the vulcanized sole is extra thick and therefore super shock-absorbing. With 400 NBS and additional heel protection/calibration, (NBS promises the highest flexibility without cracking the sole, the highest standard in the shoe industry).

Shoes normally fit, but it is still advisable to choose a larger size for sports shoes because of the activity, as is usually the case with sports shoes.

Our driver Tobias Mayer is sponsored by VEX and is delighted about it.