Blunt AOS V5 Deck Will Scott

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Will Scott rides everything that moves, originally considered a park rider, he now has much influence on the street community! He expresses himself through the skills he has acquired over the years in urban and public driving.
His deck is covered with a "Matte Midnight" paint. Around the base of his deck is his personal drawing "Mandala X Skeleton". This drawing reflects his personal interests and the influences of various artists. The Mandala design was influenced by the original concepts and illustrations of his sisters and his Skeleton design was combined from his ideas, from what he wanted a few years ago for his first signature product. DREAM BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ace Of Pades Version 5, this deck, packed with a new design and exclusive design, is available in two different sizes here at SK Shop. Removable Box Ends!


Blunt AOS V5 Deck Will Scott Features

Deck 1:

  •     Width: 140mm
  •     length: 559mm
  •     Angle: 84 degrees
  •     weight: 1,7 kg

Deck 2:

  •     Width: 125mm
  •     Length: 515mm
  •     Angle: 82.5 degrees
  •     weight: 1.65kg