Blunt AOS V5 Deck Jon Reyes

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Jon Reyes is one of the most unique riders in the sport. His style is based on creativity and joy, the innovation of this style revolves around technology and balance.

His deck is covered with a high quality Grey Reflect color and wrapped in his personal drawing "Ride NY City". The drawing shows the atmosphere of Jon's playground in New York. Going through the streets in search of new places.

Ace Of Pades Version 5, this deck, packed with a new design, is available in 2 sizes here at the SK Shop.


Blunt AOS V5 Deck Jon Reyes Features

Deck 1:

    Width: 120mm
    Length: 520mm
    Angle: 83 degrees
    Weight: 1,6 kg

Deck 2:

    Width: 125mm
    Length: 533mm
    Angle: 83 degrees
    Weight: 1,7 kg